Xmas Adventures With The Lads/Lasses

Xmas Adventures With The Lads/Lasses
Genre: Compilation
Series: Christmas Games
Developer: GameDevDan
Release Date: 21/12/2020


Xmas Adventures with The Lads/Lasses is a virtual Christmas present I made for a bunch of friends. The game features my friends taking part in 10 minigames to save Christmas.

The game features a variety of characters from my other games as both allies and enemies.


1. Crazy Krampus Casino
A dice game where the player must outwit the Krampus by rolling a higher total on two dice.

2. Whac-a-Numskull
Players must smash "numskulls" on the head while avoiding potatoes. Eventually, they must defeat the evil "Dadio".

3. Super Space Snowball Fight
A linear space shooter. Gyro Boss, up to his usual mischief, threatens to destroy the Earth if the player cannot defeat him in a snowball fight.

4. Mirror Madness
HannaH gets stuck in a dungeon behind a magic mirror. Players must rescue her by solving a tile-based puzzle on the ground.

5. Crash Site Carnage
Lonely Drone goes on a mission with one of my friends to save some Xmas presents, which have been stolen by the Krampus.

6. Christmas Cannon Blast
Effectively a very short version of the game Tama Cannon, but with one of my friends in the cannon instead. They must rescue Tama who has been kidnapped and locked in a cage.

7. Stolen Toy Mysteries
Spuddie, from Who Killed Mr. Tibbles?, has had his toys stolen just before Christmas. Players must identify the stolen toys using a series of clues.

8. Aztec Puzzle Adventure
Papantzin helps to solve a series of picture puzzles leading to the discovery of some stolen Xmas presents.

9. Xmas Trash Disposal
The Krampus has flooded the town with rubbish in a bid to ruin Christmas. The Garbage Heroes must help my friend to clean up the mess. The Gameplay is actually very similar to Tappy Trove.

10. Tick-Tock Trouble
The Clockwork Elf has been kidnapped and locked in a cage. He must be rescued by one of my friends, who has been turned into a clockwork toy. Levels are very similar to the original Clockwork Elf game.

Characters in Xmas Adventures With The Lads/Lasses

Locations in Xmas Adventures With The Lads/Lasses