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Also known as Lost Little Hero
Character Art from Wham Bam Dan Jam Slam

Hannah, also known as the Lost Little Hero, is a world-renowned adventurer and treasure hunter who explores various dungeons and landscapes on her quest for wealth and knowledge.

To date she is always pictured as a young woman with reddish-blonde hair wearing a green shirt.


HannaH as she appears in HannaH

HannaH's Torn Soul
In the events of the first game in the Hannah series, Hannah approaches a mysterious temple called "The Temple of Torn Souls".

She enters the temple hoping to find treasure, but she is immediately cursed by the Temple Master and her soul is torn from her physical body.

Both Hannah's physical form and her soul behave exactly the same and appear to share her consciousness.

Players must solve a series of mirrored puzzles, without harming either Hannah or her soul, in order to complete the game.

Super Jam Land Kart Racing

HannaH's mughsot in Super Jam Land Kart Racing
Hannah is available as a racer in Super Jam Land Kart Racing. The Temple of Torn Souls also features as a racing track in this game.

Lost Little Hero

HannaH as she appears in Lost Little Hero
In Lost Little Hero, Hannah enters a dungeon guarded by a "Boss" in order to steal his treasure and rescue an unnamed princess.

At the beginning of the game Hannah is depicted in a full suit of armour holding a sword and shield. These are quickly taken away by the boss who wants Hannah to prove herself by navigating the dungeon with no weapons.

When Hannah defeats the boss she is reunited with the unnamed princess, who is revealed to be a love interest of sorts.

Lost Little Island

HannaH as she appears in Lost Little Island
In Lost Little Island, Hannah has become stranded on a Mysterious Island on one of her adventures.

The Island shifts and changes everyday, and Hannah vows to discover its hidden treasures as well as documenting the flowers and wildlife that appear on each new day.

Xmas Adventures With The Lads/Lasses

HannaH trapped behind the magic mirror
HannaH gets stuck in a dungeon behind a magic mirror. Players must rescue her by solving a tile-based puzzle on the ground.

Wham Bam Dan Jam Slam

Features as a character in the fighting game Wham Bam Dan Jam Slam. Each character has hidden stats which change the way they perform in battle.

Melee AtkLost Little Punch
Range AtkLost Little Kick

HannaH Desynchronised

HannaHHannaH as she appears in HannaH Desynchronised
On yet another treasure-hunting adventure, HannaH finds herself pulled into the Tower of Glitches and must find her way to the exit with the help of the bug-like denizens of the dungeon.