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Princess Twinkle
Princess Twinkle
In-game sprite
Beandrop series
SpeciesStar Person
HomelandJingle City, Beandrop World

Princess Twinkle is the beautiful, stylish ruler of Jingle City, the land of the Star People in Pippu - Bauble Quest.

Much is made of her beauty and stylishness by the other characters in the game, but she is shown to lose her cool very easily and behave in a not-very-stylish way when angry.

Xmas Adventures with the Lads/Lasses 2

Princess Twinkle sitting in a Christmas TreePrincess Twinkle sitting in a Christmas Tree
In a minigame called Choco Coin Blast: Coins fall from the top of the screen with varying values from -5 to 5, multipliers of 1/2x and 2x and coins with Princess Twinkle icons. Players must tap the beneficial coins while avoiding the bad ones.

Tapping a Princess Twinkle coin briefly turns all bad coins into good coins, and increases the value of all good coins already on the screen.