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Plunder Dungeons series
HomelandForest Dungeon

Gobbler is an enemy class in Plunder Dungeons with the following attributes:

Plunder Dungeons (2022)

Gobbler    plant    4HP

Weaknesses: Fire, Metal
Inventory: Plant, Punch
Possible Armor: Cotton
Prize Money: 40

A carnivorous plant which has evolved eyes to help it lock on to its prey.

Plunder Dungeons (GMC Jam Version)

Gobbler    Bio    3HP

Weaknesses: fire, toxic
Resistances: water, mineral
Elements: Plant (85%) Wood (15%)
Prize Money: 35

Jam VersionSprite from the GMC Jam version of Plunder Dungeons

Xmas Adventures with the Lads/Lasses 2

In a minigame called Gotta Tame Them All, players gradually uncover squares on a grid where the monsters from Plunder Dungeons are hiding. Players tame them to score points.