Daniel Johnston Menezes

Game Developer, Font Designer & Green Activist

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Promotional Art of Orblr-1

The Orblr-1 is a space probe sent to collect minerals from outer space in the game Non-Stop Space Probe.

It can fly very long distances very quickly, but once its journey has started it cannot stop.

Orblr-1 is fragile and easily damaged by space debris. It can travel backwards and forwards through wormholes.

Xmas Adventures with the Lads/Lasses 2

In the minigame Xmas Space Rush, A scrolling space avoid-em-up featuring the Orblr-1, players collect chocolate coins and Christmas Presents to beat the highscore.

Nocturne flying the Orblr-1 Space ProbeNocturne flying the Orblr-1 Space Probe