Daniel Johnston Menezes

Game Developer, Font Designer & Green Activist

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Also known as Daddy O' Luck
Appearance in Rolldyce Kingdoms
HomelandIreland, Earth

Jam Battle Shooting Gallery

Appears as one of the floating heads who can be shot to score points.

Last One Standing: Tiny Panda Barrage

In the GMC Jam version, players were able to enter a secret mode where the boss character would fire members of the YoYo Games staff as projectiles.


At the end of HannaH, GameDevDan and Dadio appear in the credits sequence.

Dan's Narcissistic Adventure in Jam Land

Dadio is the final boss who has taken over Jam Land in an attempt to merge daytime and nighttime. The player, GameDevDan, must complete a trading sequence to enter Club Dadio and defeat dadio.

Boo! Dice

Appears in Boo! Dice as Daddy O' Luck, a Leprechaun who gambles recklessly. The player must win 4 rounds to defeat him.

DadioDaddy O' Luck as he appears in Coco Cards Casino

Coco Cards Casino

Reprises his role as Daddy O' Luck from Boo! Dice. He is one of the easier opponents to beat.

Rolldyce Kingdoms

Reprises his role as Daddy O' Luck from previous GMC Jam Casino games. He is the easiest opponent to defeat and plays the game almost entirely at random.

Xmas Adventures with the Lads/Lasses 2

The player must eat a variety of hats without accidentally eating real food.

Dadio with General Tatorov and Screamin' SpudDadio with General Tatorov and Screamin' Spud