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Lonely Drone
Lonely Drone
Character Art from Wham Bam Dan Jam Slam
Lonely Drone series
BirthJune 30th (Programming Finished)
HomelandLondon, UK, Earth

Lonely Drone is the main protagonist in the game of the same name. It is a robot programmed to clean up the Earth in the aftermath of all-out nuclear war.

According to the command logs found within the game, Lonely Drone's programming was completed on June 30th by the Last Survivor but it failed to boot up correctly.

At the beginning of the events of Lonely Drone, the drone reboots and finds itself outside the laboratory having sustained minor damage. It is unknown how much time has passed between the final command log being written and the Lonely Drone booting up.


The Lonely Drone is a circular robot with a giant camera eye for sight, helicopter blades for mobility and a grappling hook for manipulating objects. During the course of the game, players can repair the Lonely Drone to allow it to destroy weak obstacles. They can also repair its torch unit to light up dark spaces.

Ultimate Fate

It is currently unknown what happens to the Lonely Drone after the events of the game. It successfully launches the shuttle project containing biological samples and human knowledge into space, and that is the last time the player sees it.

Wham Bam Dan Jam Slam

Features as a character in the fighting game Wham Bam Dan Jam Slam. Each character has hidden stats which change the way they perform in battle.

Melee AtkClaw Grip
Range AtkElectro-Zap