Daniel Johnston Menezes

Game Developer, Font Designer & Green Activist

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Also known as NAL, Malice N. James, Tropic Allie, Lady James, JJ
Allie as Lady James in Rolldyce Kingdoms
HomelandUK, Earth

Jam Battle Shooting Gallery

Appears as one of the floating heads who can be shot to score points.

Last One Standing: Tiny Panda Barrage

In the GMC Jam version, players were able to enter a secret mode where the boss character would fire members of the YoYo Games staff as projectiles.

Maggot In A Frying Pan

As in the original game, Allie will occasionally pop in on the left of the screen and players get more points if they hit her with a Wispa bar instead of the maggot.

Dan's Narcissistic Adventure in Jam Land

Appears in the very top-left of Jam Land making fart noises when spoken to.

Boo! Dice

Appears in Boo! Dice as Malice N. James, a wicked witch with a few tricks up her sleeves. The player must win 4 rounds to defeat her.

PONG Quest

Appears as a paddle in the end credits of PONG Quest.

AllieTropic Allie

Coco Cards Casino

Appears as Tropic Allie, one of the most difficult characters to beat.

Revolver and Co
In the 1.1 update of Revolver and Co, Allie appears as "JJ". She watches over the levels in JJ's Junction. She is revealed to be reprogramming the robots of Corvynnia to be more peaceful.

Rolldyce Kingdoms

Appears as Lady James. She tries to complete rows and columns as quickly as possible, rather than focusing on building kingdoms.

Xmas Adventures with the Lads/Lasses 2

In a minigame called Christmas Kingdoms, Allie must beat Everwyn the Dragon in a board game similar to Tricksweeper with graphics from Rolldyce Kingdoms.

Allie Riding EverwynAllie Riding Everwyn