Characters » GameDevDan

Also known as Dan, GameDeathDan, SurfsUpDan

Appearance as SurfsUpDan in Coco Cards Casino
Age19-27 Depending on the Game
HomelandBristol, UK, Earth


One of the unlockables in WillO is a picture of myself and my friend (also called Dan) drunk in a night club the night before we developed the game for the GMC Jam.

Jam Battle Shooting Gallery

I appear as one of the floating heads in Jam Battle Shooting Gallery. If the player shoots my head the most times in the GameDevDan vs Life version of the game, they will obtain a Steam achievement.


At the end of HannaH, myself and Dadio appear in the credits sequence.

Dan's Narcissistic Adventure in Jam Land

I am the main character of DNAIJL. Jam Land is under threat from an evil villain who wants to merge daytime and nighttime. I must complete a trading sequence in order to enter Club Dadio and defeat the final boss.

Boo! Dice

Appears in Boo! Dice as GameDeathDan, a zombie with a half-rotten brain who likes to play it safe. The player must win 4 rounds to defeat him.

Inkletint Island

Me in Inkletint Island

I appear in a small shack on Inkletint Island. If the player finds me, I give them a big helping hand. However, the player can only reach me after collecting at least the Emerald Pear (the 3rd sacred fruit).

PONG Quest

I appear as a paddle in the end credits, along with Allie.

Who Killed Mr. Tibbles?

Me in Who Killed Mr. Tibbles?

I appear in plush toy form as one of the potential suspects in Who Killed Mr. Tibbles? If I am the killer, Spuddie will remark on my pink skin, groovy hairstyle, black shirt, joggers and wristwatch.

Coco Cards Casino

I appear as "SurfsUpDan" in Coco Cards Casino, one of the ten opponents the player must defeat.

The Frootinis

I appear at the end of a secret level. If the player reaches me they will be able to complete the remaining few levels of the game with minor humorous graphical changes.