Characters » Nocturne

Also known as The Nocturne, Mele Mark, Markus the Magic

Nocturne as Markus the Magic in Rolldyce Kingdoms
HomelandSpain, Earth

Dan's Narcissistic Adventure in Jam Land

Nocturne in Dan's Narcissistic Adventure in Jam Land

Appears in Jam Land Town Square and is an integral part of the game's trading sequence.

Boo! Dice

Appears in Boo! Dice as The Nocturne, a bold gambler who almost always rerolls zeroes and ones. The player must win 4 rounds to defeat him.

MarkMele Mark in Coco Cards Casino

Coco Cards Casino

Appears as Mele Mark, a medium-difficulty opponent.

Rolldyce Kingdoms

Appears as Markus the Magic, a medium-difficulty opponent. He will always try to complete Kingdoms rather than rows or columns.