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HannaH Timeline
HannaH series
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Events which take place in a confirmed order

Lost Little HeroHannaH attempts to rescue a princess from Boss's dungeon. She is eventually successful. HannaH and the princess, who is revealed to be a love interest of sorts, escape the dungeon together.
Lost Little IslandSome time after the events of Lost Little Hero, HannaH is lost at sea and washes up on the Mysterious Island. It is unknown if, how and when she escapes.

Events not yet joined into the timeline

HannaHHannaH attempts to plunder the Temple of Torn Souls. She is split from her immortal soul by the Temple Master. She eventually escapes from the temple to continue her adventures.


Super Jam Land Kart Racing and Xmas Adventures With The Lads/Lasses do not take place in the normal universe of any of my games series.