Lost Little Island

Lost Little Island
Genre: Simulation
Series: Hannah
Developer: GameDevDan
Release Date: 19/04/2020


Renowned treasure hunter Hannah has washed ashore on a mysterious island. Every day she awakes the island has transformed completely.

Help Hannah to discover the flora and fauna of the island, as well as the ancient artifacts buried beneath the soil.


The goal of the game is to help Hannah discover 125 species of flower, 125 animals and 125 ancient artifacts for a total of 625 objects.

Every iteration of the island will feature at least one new type of flower and at least one new type of artifact.

Animal spawning squares are generated randomly. The kinds of animal they can spawn depends on which scenery elements are in the 8 squares surrounding the spawn point. Here are the following conditions for spawning all animals:

Animals' colors are determined randomly.


I got some pretty good feedback on the game itself, and I'm sure I'll factor those in to a future project. I probably won't update lost little island - but I do want to reuse the mechanics for a bigger, more ambitious project and the reviews I got here will definitely help make that the best that it can be! My biggest takeaway from gm48 as a first time entrant is that the voting system is better setup to reward teams than individuals (unlike, say, the GMC Jam). Not being able to create my own audio for the game hit my final score quite hard, next time I'll have to buddy up and see what happens!

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