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Temple of Torn Souls
Also known as Temple Parkway, Trembling Temple
Temple of Torn Souls
The exterior of the temple as it appears in HannaH
HannaH series
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Temple of Torn Souls
The Hall of Arrivals

The Temple of Torn Souls is the primary location for all of the events that take place in the game HannaH. As HannaH enters the temple in search of treasure, the Temple Master uses his magic to separate HannaH from her soul. All of the puzzles in the dungeon are double-sided, HannaH and her soul must work together to solve the puzzles without dying.

Super Jam Land Kart Racing

Temple Parkway is a racing track in the Leek Cup. Half of the course features the interior of the Temple of Torn Souls, the other features an exterior landscape. Loose bricks fall from the ceiling in the temple acting as obstacles for racers.

Racing Games
Leek Cup (SJLKR, TWR)
Temple of Torn Souls
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