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Lost Little Hero
Lost Little Hero
Release Date23/11/2018

Guide the Lost Little Hero, HannaH, through a mind-boggling dungeon on a quest to defeat a mysterious villain, steal his treasure and rescue a princess.


Players guide HannaH through the dungeon moving one square at a time. Every time HannaH moves, the enemies move too!

Watch the enemies' movements in order to learn their pattern of behaviour and make it through the dungeon alive.


HannaH wanders into another dungeon in order to rescue an unnamed princess and steal some treasure.

The Boss of the dungeon steals HannaH's weapons and armour and tells her she'll never make it through all his traps alive!

HannaH traverses the entire dungeon eventually coming face to face with the boss himself. After deflecting his own flame breath back into his eyes, HannaH defeats the boss and rescues the princess.

The boss claims he was going easy on HannaH and she didn't have to be so mean, then kicks her and the princess out of his dungeon.


Lost Little Hero was made in 72 hours for the GMC Jam using GameMaker: Studio.

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