HannaH Desynchronised

HannaH Desynchronised
Genre: Platformer
Series: HannaH
Developer: GameDevDan
Release Date: 19/02/2022


Made for GMC Jam 48 where the theme was "Glitches and Bugs".

World famous adventurer Hannah is on her latest quest to find treasure. She's heard about a bizarre tower where she could unearth some rare trinkets - but as she approaches the tower she is pulled into the dark chambers within!

Solve puzzles with the help of the tower's resident bugs, but beware of the glitches lurking within...


The game is known as HannaH Desynchronised partly because the original theme of GMC Jam 17, where HannaH first appeared, was "Synchronise".

Characters in HannaH Desynchronised

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