Plunder Dungeons (2022)

Plunder Dungeons (2022)
Genre: RPG
Series: Plunder Dungeons
Developer: Chequered Ink
Release Date: 17/06/2022

Nintendo Switch

Collect elements and use them as either armor or weapons on your quest. Gather as much treasure as possible on your travels and compare your highest score with players all around the world.

Each time you enter the Plunder Dungeons they'll be slightly different. Keep your wits about you and maybe you'll come face to face with the rarest and most powerful creatures.


Down in the Sunken Catacombs,
Deep in the moonlit caves,
Treasures are awaiting discovery,
By adventurers triumphant and brave!

Collect your favorite elements,
And face your darkest fears,
Will you conquer the Plunder Dungeons?
Or will they reduce you to tears?



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