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Frost Ogre
Frost Ogre
HomelandTundra Dungeon

Frost Ogre is an enemy class in Plunder Dungeons with the following attributes:

Plunder Dungeons (2022)

Frost Ogre    water    20HP

Weaknesses: Plant, Electric
Inventory: Ice, Wood, Hail
Possible Armor: Frost
Prize Money: 500

Nobody dares to disturb its lair in case they get pounded by its big, thick club.

Plunder Dungeons (GMC Jam Version)

Jam VersionSprite from the GMC Jam version of Plunder Dungeons

Frost Ogre    Water    20HP

Weaknesses: bio, toxic, electric
Resistances: fire, mineral
Elements: Water (50%) Ice (35%) Wood (15%)
Prize Money: 300

They bear a resemblance to The Krampus as depicted in a couple of my Christmas games.