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Crystal Golem
Crystal Golem
Plunder Dungeons series
HomelandCave Dungeon

Crystal Golem is an enemy class in Plunder Dungeons with the following attributes:

Plunder Dungeons (2022)

Crystal Golem    earth    10HP

Weaknesses: Plant, Water
Inventory: Earth, Alchemist's Stone, Boulder
Possible Armor: Brimstone
Prize Money: 250

One of the five types of ancient golem, precious gemstones grow from its skin.

Plunder Dungeons (GMC Jam Version)

Crystal Golem    Mineral    10HP

Weaknesses: water, bio
Resistances: fire, toxic, electric
Elements: Earth (50%) Metal (35%) Alchemist's Stone (15%)
Prize Money: 175
Jam VersionSprite from the GMC Jam version of Plunder Dungeons