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Also known as Soda Captain

Soda Admiral
Soda Admiral
Plunder Dungeons series
HomelandSwamp Dungeon

Soda Admiral is an enemy class in Plunder Dungeons with the following attributes:

Plunder Dungeons (2022)

Soda Admiral    water    9HP

Weaknesses: Plant, Electric
Inventory: Soda, Tin, Steam
Possible Armor: Soda
Prize Money: 175

A recent promotion has left this poisonous goblin with a smug disposition.

Plunder Dungeons (GMC Jam Version)

Jam VersionSprite from the GMC Jam version of Plunder Dungeons

Soda Admiral    Toxic    20HP

Weaknesses: fire, mineral
Resistances: water, bio
Elements: Sludge (50%) Water (35%) Tin (15%)
Prize Money: 300

They are directly based on the recurring monster character "Soda Captain" from several of my previous GMC Jam entries.