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Inkletint Island
Inkletint Island
The completed map of Inkletint Island
Inkletint Island series

Inkletint Island is the main setting for the events of the game with the same name. The Island is divided into 24 separate squares accessible to the player and contains a variety of environments.

The floor on most parts of the island is a blank canvas, allowing the player to paint over it as they move around the world.

The island is kept stable by six sacred fruits. When they become lost, horrible traps start appearing all over the island.


Professor Podley's Lab
The starting location of the game. This is where Professor P. Podley creates Blot (the main character) and where the player will respawn every time they die.

Harry's Racetrack
To the west of the Lab is a racetrack. If the player completes a full circuit of the track, Harry will give them some advice.

Hector's Bar
Hector's Bar is to the east of the Lab. The player cannot order drinks from the bar.

Lemon Grove
The Lemon Grove contains the Golden Lemon among its lemon trees.

Peartree Woods
Peartree woods is a maze-like area of trees covering most of the northern half of the island. The woods contain the Emerald Pear.

The Academy
The Academy is a training school. The two characters here will tell the player how to mute the background music.

GameDevDan's Shack
Hidden away is GameDevDan's shack. If the player finds GameDevDan, he will give them a helping hand.

Characters from Inkletint Island