Genre: Shooter
Series: ALPS
Developer: GameDevDan
Release Date: 24/02/2019


The Alien Lifeform Protection Squad spend their days roaming the galaxy, ensuring the continued survival of endangered species on dying planets. Sometimes this presents and ethical dilemma... what if some of the species you encounter don't want your help?


Take control of an ALPS spaceship complete with laser cannons and boxing gloves. Destroy all resistance from your enemies by taking out their military hardware.


An agent from the ALPS is sent to Earth to destroy all human military capability in order to save the other species on our planet from our violent, polluting ways.

The agent must fight its way through various capital cities destroying military bases (and famous landmarks) in order to subdue humanity.

Eventually the agent stumbles across Area 51, where the USA have built a giant anti-alien device (the final boss).


ALPS was developed in 72 hours for the GMC Jam using GameMaker: Studio.


ALPS was well received, coming 3rd in the GMC Jam. However, the rotating camera made a lot of players feel a bit dizzy.

Characters in ALPS

Locations in ALPS