Cloaked Games

GMC Jam 49SPIRECloaked Games, Joseph Ellis, Sam19th
GMC Jam 47Leonard & Co's Magical Apothecary and Other OdditiesCloaked Games, JosephEllis, Adrien Weathers5thStory
GMC Jam 40Wastoid Rodney And the Keytar of All Space-TimeCloaked Games, JosephEllis, BlakeNorth4th
GMC Jam 38The Faults in our CodeEvanSki, Joseph Ellis, Cloaked Games3rd
GMC Jam 37FAZILCloaked Games, Joseph Ellis, FAZIL10thDevlog
GMC Jam 35The Mouse CurserCloaked Games, aSingleCapella22nd
GMC Jam 29The HoardCloaked Games, Pere5thTheme
GMC Jam 28Shred of LightJacobV, Cloaked Games1stPresentation
GMC Jam 27HYPERSPACECloaked Games, Barvix, HayManMarc29th
GMC Jam 26The Coin of JanusCloaked Games, 0.Bytes18th
GMC Jam 25Voyage to the Final LandsCloaked Games, HayManMarc, Joeseph Benedetti7thTheme
GMC Jam 24Wrath of StarsCloaked Games12th