GMC Jam 40

Start Date25/02/2021
End Date01/03/2021
ThemeOne Big Party
ColorsGreen and Purple
Counting SystemInverse Rank Plus One
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Prize Winners

Clash of Gangs

As this was the tenth anniversary jam a special mechanic was used called the Clash of Gangs. Each individual member chose a gang from Red, Yellow or Green when they entered their game. Gangs then received points based on how well their entries did in the individual competition, how many members of their team voted & reviewed games, and which gang guessed the theme first.

The Red team won the clash of gangs with a score of 108 ((61.8 x 1.71) + 2), Yellow came second with a score of 69 (46.2 x 1.5) and Green came third with a score of 54 (46.2 x 1.16).


1Party AnimalRed
2Emmy and SalRed
3Forty; or the Modern Big BrotherYellow
4Wastoid Rodney And the Keytar of All Space-TimeGreen
5Plague RatsRed
6Crimson FestivalRed
7One Big PartyRed
8Crimson Guild's Glamorous Guest ListRed
9The Adventures of Robot XGreen
10Wham Bam Dan Jam Slamnone
11Candles Have FeelingsRed
12Candle WarsRed
13Greymoor HallRed
14Final BattleGreen
15Jenka DungeonGreen
16The MatchmakerYellow
17Three Mice In A TrenchcoatRed
19Hero HordeGreen
20Jam DefendersGreen
21Castle MetaYellow
22The Golden BalloonYellow
23Party MountainRed
24Survival PartyYellow
25Snake DanceGreen
26Robot Surprise Party stealth birthday actionYellow
27Fiesta DownGreen
28The Party Must Go OnGreen
29GMC Fruit Salad SurferYellow
30Gangs BashRed
31Need for BeatsGreen
32Hero HuddleRed
33Christmas with Uncle TomGreen
34The Annual GMC Party!Green
36Demon DanceRed
38Me PARRtyGreen
40Extinction Tea Partynone
41Keyboard HeroGreen
42Escape of the ClownsRed
44Your Brain on PartyRed
45Happy BirthdayYellow
46Party Animals!Yellow
47Party DetectiveGreen
48One Big Political PartyGreen
49Fantasy Strategy ClickerGreen
50The Scattered ArmyYellow
51Dr. Smiley's Brain Jam PartyYellow
53Jaguar Pogo PartyRed
55Apocalypse PartyGreen
56Get to the Party!!Yellow
58Florida ManYellow
59Barry Bear's BirthdayGreen
60Survive the PartyGreen
61City ScuttlerGreen
62Dawg the party animalGreen
63Crazy WaiterGreen
64Fiesta FistGreen
65Party Pukernone
66GMC Party AdventureGreen
67The Way Back To The PartyYellow
69Party PooperGreen
70Party Parade!Red
71Party PaddlesGreen
72Goin' All NiteYellow
73The RetrievalRed
74Party GuardiansGreen
75DUMBURK 9000Yellow
76Life Party!!Red
77Color SplashGreen