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Also known as Pumpkinville
Pumpkins appearing in Pumpkinland
Last One Standing series
Full LocationEarth

Pumpkinland or Pumpkinville is the main setting of the game Last One Standing: Paper Pumpkin Apocalypse. It is a dreary town which has been invaded by evil pumpkins from another dimension.

Pumpkinland in Tiny World Racing
It appears as a track in both Super Jam Land Kart Racing and Tiny World Racing. In SJLKR it more closely matches its appearance in the original GMC Jam game, for example it has actual pumpkin enemies wandering around the map as hazards. In TWR, the track simply has a few pumpkins laying around as scenery.

Pumpkinland stage in Wham Bam Dan Jam Slam
It also appears as one of the eight stages in Wham Bam Dan Jam Slam. Stages appear in a fixed sequence and cannot be selected by players, and they are not explicitly named in game.

Racing Games
Pumpkin Cup (SJLKR, TWR)
Track icon and appearance

Characters found in Pumpkinland