Flavors were introduced into GMC Jams beginning with GMC Jam 32. They have no effect on the jam other than the appearance of each jam's logo and associated Emoji used when promoting the jam on social media.

List of Jams by Flavor

GMC Jam 32Classic 🥄22/02/201925/02/2019GameDevDan
GMC Jam 33Strawberry 🍓23/05/201927/05/2019GameDevDan
GMC Jam 34Raspberry 🔴22/08/201926/08/2019GameDevDan
GMC Jam 35Mince Pie 🥧28/11/201902/12/2019GameDevDan
GMC Jam 36Blueberry 🫐27/02/202002/03/2020GameDevDan
GMC Jam 37Orange 🍊28/05/202001/06/2020GameDevDan
GMC Jam 38Coconut 🥥27/08/202031/08/2020GameDevDan
GMC Jam 39Cinnamon Cherry 🍒26/11/202030/11/2020GameDevDan
GMC Jam 43Milk and Cookies 🍪30/11/202107/12/2021Evanski, Alice