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The Sacred Continent
The Sacred Continent
The whole map of the Sacred Continent as seen in the GameMaker Studio Room Editor
Decade series

The Sacred Continent is the main location of the events in the game Decade. It is an ancient land which has been long deserted by the people who once lived there.

The Continent features 35 sub-areas, most of which are based on my 34 previous jam entries (despite the fact that, canonically, they do not all take place near to each other on the same continent).

The Continent can, in some ways, be seen as analogous to Great Britain (turned 90 degrees anti-clockwise). The Lonely Drone Laboratory, originally meant to be in London, appears in the top right. The area that would be Robozoic Park, originally based in Bristol, appears in the bottom right. And the YoYo House, based in Dundee, appears in the top left.

Labelled Map

map with labels

Characters found in The Sacred Continent