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City (Robozoic Park)
City (Robozoic Park)
A map of the city from Robozoic Park
Robozoic Park series
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This unnamed city is the main location of the events in Robozoic Park. It is based loosely on a mirror image of the real-life city of Bristol, UK. It is divided into five sub areas, each also based on landmarks in Bristol.

The city is overtaken by giant, robotic dinosaurs during the events of Robozoic Park. Players must defeat the dinosaurs by entering each of the five sub areas and shooting them from a distance.

Sub Areas

Park Gates - The entrance to Robozoic Park, which serves as the location of the introduction cutscene and the first level of the game. It is loosely based on Bristol Temple Meads railway station.

Whopping Wharf - A city block besieged by dinosaurs featuring houses and office buildings. It is based on Bristol City Center, and the name comes from a real life area called "Wapping Wharf".

Spike Island - A small island with a radar dish. In this level players must shoot dinosaurs which are hidden underwater and revealed periodically by radar pulses. It is named after a real life area in Bristol.

The Bridge - In this level players must shoot flying dinosaurs which are approaching head on using a very basic fake 3D effect. It is based on Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Dino Laboratory - The last level of the game, it is basically the same as the Park Gates level but the building has lower HP and more difficult enemies are spawned. It is based on Clifton Observatory.

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