Daniel Johnston Menezes

Game Developer, Font Designer & Green Activist

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GenreTower Defence
DeveloperChequered Ink
Release Date18/03/2022
Opera GX

By day, Carto City is a peaceful metropolis - parks, shops, everything you could need. But by night, robots roam, and they're more than happy to destroy anything squishy enough to pose a threat.

Chainwhack enemy robots to destroy them, build turrets to aid in fending them off, and chainwhack those to defend and repair them.

Establish a hospital for healing, a DIY shop to chainwhack harder and keep your turrets maintained, and more.

Most importantly, survive the night - the robots will succumb to sunlight at 6am sharp and you can use the wealth they drop to buy more turrets and upgrades!


Allison created the bulk of the game, I just helped out with a few sprites and some testing.

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