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Dungeons (GMC Jam Version)
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Dungeons are the main locations in Plunder Dungeons. Players navigate through them in order to gain treasure and elements.


Tends to contain Bio elements and enemies. It's always the first biome a player will visit in their very first run of the game.
Tends to contain Mineral elements and enemies.
Tends to contain Toxic elements and enemies.
Tends to contain Water and Electric elements and enemies.
Tends to contain Fire elements and enemies.

Square Types

Dungeon SquareEmpty Square
Empty squares contain nothing special and can simply be navigated by the player.
Dungeon SquareCoin Chest
Gives the player money - the more dungeons they've crawled through in the current run, the more money they'll get.
Dungeon SquareItem Chest
Gives the player an element. The elements they can receive are different in each biome.
Dungeon SquareHealing Spring
Heals 3 HP and rids the hero of any negative status effects (unless their current armor continues to inflict one).
Dungeon SquareEnemy Lair
Triggers a battle with an enemy. Heroes must defeat the enemy to progress.
Dungeon SquareStaircase
Allows the hero to continue to the next dungeon where they can find more treasure, but also face tougher monsters.
Dungeon SquareWall Square
These block the hero from passing forcing them to travel around the outside.