GMC Jam 46

GMC Jam 46 Animated Logo
GMC Jam 46 Animated Logo
Start Date25/08/2022
End Date29/08/2022
ThemeCall For Help
HostEvanSki, Alice
Counting SystemInverse Rank Plus One
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Prize Winners


1Yeah, She Doesn't Live in Heaven Anymore
2A walk in the park
3Wrong Number
4Marty the Mole
5Nature's Call
6Stuck on the Island
7Momo Ramen
9Cannonball Chuck
10Goat Busters
11Emergency City
12Mommy & Lamby
13Blepy's Adventure
15Tank Tone Telephone
16Soul Mayhem
17Pinky Calls For Help
18Airstrikey Shark
19Kitty Chaos
20Cthulhu Of Duty
21Toast Invaders
22Arachno gallop
23Fomo Stu's Holiday Blues