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🦠 Don't politicise the crisis. Why not?

Don't politicise the crisis. Why not?

The Nationalist-Right, the Trumps and Bolsonaros and Boris Johnsons of the world, won elections by demonising the experts. They questioned the statistics. Their campaign philosophy was to lie so often, the public didn't know what was true anymore. Now they wonder why people are ignoring the lockdown.

The Thatchers and the Raegans, and every right-winger since, swept aside post-war community spirit and taught us to look out only for ourselves. They taught us the CEOs, the bankers, the managers and the landlords deserve their wealth and the rest of us just aren't trying hard enough. If only we were a little more selfish, we'd be better off. Now they wonder why people are hoarding food.

The Camerons, Mays and other austerity fanatics told us there was no magic money tree. That one of the richest countries in the world couldn't spend money on hospitals and welfare. Now their successors are desperately shoveling money into public services on the brink of collapse.

The Farages, Patels and Salvinis told us "low-skilled workers" weren't important. We needed a points-based system. We needed a hostile environment to stop them coming here. We told them at the ballot box "GO HOME!". Now we applaud them every Thursday.

Don't tell me this crisis isn't political. We're only as happy and as healthy as our friends and neighbours. Only as strong as the society we live in. Only as safe as the workers who deliver our vital services. If this crisis teaches us anything, it's that we need to look out for each other - not just in everyday life, but at the ballot box too.

Stay safe.