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🦡 Stop the Badger Cull

Another letter to Chris Skidmore! This time: End the badger cull.

Dear Chris Skidmore MP,

I am writing to ask you to support an end to the Badger Cull nationwide. The Badger Cull is expensive, inhumane and failing to meet its own targets.

Britain's iconic wildlife is one of our biggest assets and we should not so willingly destroy our natural fauna in the name of agriculture. In any case, there are other measures that can be taken to prevent the spread of bovine TB such as improved farm security and vaccination programs.

Many of the Badgers killed during the culling program have never been tested for TB, those who have are frequently found to be clear of the disease (in 2016 only 4% of 994 culled badgers were found to be carrying the infection).

Public opinion is also on the side of the badgers. Several polls from different polling companies have shown that the public tend to oppose the badger cull: &

Please use your position in government to call a halt to the badger cull and consider other means of decreasing the spread of bovine TB.

Kind regards,

Dan Johnston

Chris Skidmore has never replied to this letter