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🗳 Keep local elections democratic: don't adopt FPTP

Dear Chris Skidmore MP,

As you know I've written to you many times asking for improvements to the voting system to make the UK a more democratic country where everybody's vote counts.

Today I'm asking you to oppose the government's plans to scrap the Supplementary Vote and introduce FPTP for Mayoral & PCC elections.

  • Supplementary vote gives Mayors and PCCs a stronger mandate because they have to convince more voters to back them in order to win.

  • Supplementary vote makes sure that everybody's vote counts for something because voters can choose their 1st and 2nd favourite.

  • Because there is no spoiler effect, voters can hold politicians genuinely accountable because they won't be frightened into voting "tactically" for the "least bad" candidate.

  • If the 2021 WECA Mayoral Election had taken place under FPTP, the winner would have been installed on just 33% of the vote, with 67% of voters effectively wasting their ballots

  • If the 2021 Avon & Somerset PCC election had taken place under FPTP, a similar thing would've happened, as only 34% backed the lead candidate in the 1st round of voting

The plan to scrap Supplementary vote will disillusion more voters who will feel like they can't truly vote for what they believe in. Along with the introduction of voter ID, boundary changes and outlawing peaceful protest, there are a great many voters in the UK who will be completely disenfranchised by these plans and have no peaceful or democratic way of expressing their views.

Please keep the Supplementary Vote for Mayoral & PCC elections.


Dan Johnston