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🌍 South Glos Council: Please switch to a greener search engine!

I wrote to my local councillors today to ask them to change the council's default search engine to Ecosia, which plants trees to help fight climate change. Here's the letter:

Dear Councillors,

I'm writing to you today to ask if you would consider the suggestion of changing all council-owned and operated computers, tablets and smartphones to use as the default search engine.

Ecosia is a search engine which uses revenue from its advertisers and sponsors to plant trees and tackle climate change. They say that, on average, they can plant a tree for every 45 search requests. Thanks to a recent FOI request I've learned that South Gloucestershire Council owns over 5,000 PCs, phones and tablets for use by council staff.

Just imagine - South Gloucestershire council could be helping to plant hundreds of trees a day if those devices were all switched to use Ecosia by default!

I have written to Ecosia and they sent me the following guidance to help you get started:

Using Ecosia at work -

And organisations with over 2,000 employees can even get their own counter for how many trees they have planted by signing up for a partnership here: (redacted - please contact Ecosia for this link)

I hope you will consider this small change which could make a big difference.

Kind regards,

Dan Johnston