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🌳 South Glos needs strong Green voices

As we chart a course through the stormy waters of the Coronavirus crisis we have an unprecedented opportunity to rebuild the economy to combat the other challenges we face: climate change and environmental destruction.

The old "normal" is a dying system we can't afford to resurrect. Instead we must replace our reliance on fossil fuels with a more sustainable way of living. We need to reconnect with nature and build a future that works for people and planet.

Our positive Green vision for South Gloucestershire can get our economy back on track, protect the health and well-being of our communities and help tackle climate change. We’re asking the government and the local council to:

  • Invest in local travel infrastructure to give people the confidence to walk, cycle and use public transport.
  • Ditch fossil fuels and kick start a renewable energy revolution in South Gloucestershire.
  • Promote local business by encouraging people to shop in the high street – especially in independent stores with ties to the community.
  • Say no to costly and damaging projects of the past like the expansion of Bristol Airport.

South Glos needs Green voices more than ever to show the government how we can build back better. We need your help to spread the word and steer our MPs and councillors in the right direction. Write to your MP or councillor now and tell them why you want a green recovery from COVID-19.

With people power and strong voices in our local communities, we can get South Glos back on track to a green and sustainable way of living.

Written by me for South Glos Greens News