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🗳 Help keep Hanham together with Bristol and South Glos

Newly proposed boundary reviews threaten to tear Hanham away from the rest of our local communities. I have written to Chris Skidmore, MP for Kingswood, asking for his help with this issue.

Dear Chris Skidmore MP,

I'm writing to you about the recently released 2023 boundary review which has opened for consultation until August 2nd.

The newly proposed boundaries would destroy our current constituency of Kingswood and detach Hanham from the rest of Bristol and South Gloucestershire, placing us in a massive, mostly rural constituency called Keynsham and North East Somerset.

I have big concerns about this change and I hope you will lend your support to any possible improvements to the boundary review which would keep Hanham in one of the Bristol / South Glos constituencies. The problems with the plan as it stands include:
  • Hanham is a part of South Glos and attached directly to Bristol. Our public transport, our healthcare, our social and economic needs are different to the sprawling rural towns and villages that would be our fellow constituents in this proposal.

  • Travel by public transport from one side of Kingswood Constituency to the other (Hanham -> Emersons Green) takes around 1 hour. Travel from Hanham to the south of the new constituency will take around 2 hours - and you'll have to travel backwards through the center of Bristol to get there! - this is particularly bad for local democracy as campaigners like ourselves will not be able to engage easily with all the members of this new constituency.

  • While we don't agree on much, I appreciate that as MP for Kingswood you have made efforts to secure investment in local projects. It is easier for you to do this as MP for a constituency which is mostly covered by a single metropolitan area. The new MP's time and loyalty will be much more divided and I fear Hanham and the surrounding areas will be forgotten.

Please consider using your clout as a political campaigner to push this boundary review in the right direction for Hanham.


Dan Johnston

Chris Skidmore has never replied to this letter.