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🎄 All I want for Christmas is a functioning democracy

This year, I've written a Christmas card to my MP, Chris Skidmore, asking him to support electoral reform.

xmas card to chris

Full text:

Dear Chris Skidmore MP,

I hope you have a good Christmas and a happy new year.

I'd like to take this opportunity to ask you to support democratic reforms in the UK over your next few years in Parliament.

You and I can respectfully disagree on many issues which are important to me, but this leaves me with little to no representation in our great democracy. This is largely due to our First-Past-The-Post system and a "Winner Takes All" approach to governance.

While we were in the European Union I was represented by the MEP I voted for. When I lived in Wales I was represented by an Assembly Member. If I lived in Scotland, it is very likely I would have representation in the form of a Regional List MSP.

Voters in England deserve a system which values each and every vote, so that people like me can play an active role in our country's future side-by-side with our local representatives.

I am sure it would make your job easier, as you must get tired of saying "no" to constituents like myself!

All the best for 2021 and beyond,

Dan Johnston

Chris' Reply

I have annotated Chris' Reply here, click the image to see it bigger:


NOTE: I did put these points to Chris in another email, and to his credit he forwarded me to the minister currently responsible - but her reply was pretty much the same as Chris' original reply and isn't really useful here.