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🦎 Oi, BoJo, Hands off the newts!

Dear Chris Skidmore,

The manifesto on which you and your government were elected in December 2019 promised, in no uncertain terms, to protect the environment and even strengthen environmental regulations over the course of the next parliament as we leave the EU. Examples of these promises include but are not limited to the following:

Page 3:
"We want to get Brexit done so that we can get on with our work of making Britain the greatest place in the world to live, to go to school, to start a family, to own a home, to start a business – with the most ambitious environmental programme of any country on earth."

Page 5:
"Raise standards in areas like workers’ rights, animal welfare, agriculture and the environment."
"In parallel, we will legislate to ensure high standards of workers’ rights, environmental protection and consumer rights."

Page 43:
"Our Environment Bill will guarantee that we will protect and restore our natural environment after leaving the EU. Because conservation has always been at the very heart of Conservatism."

Page 57:
"In all of our trade negotiations, we will not compromise on our high environmental protection, animal welfare and food standards."

However, the Conservative Party has resisted all attempts by the opposition to enshrine these promises in law via motions and amendments. And just yesterday in his "build build build" speech, Boris Johnson implied that he would pursue an agenda of deregulation, including environmental standards, saying: "Time is money. And the newt-counting delays in our system are a massive drag on the productivity and prosperity of this country."

Will you, as member of Parliament for Kingswood, stick to the promises in the manifesto upon which you were elected, even if it means confrontation with your party leadership?

And will the government consult widely with the public on any changes to environmental standards well in advance of their entry into force to allow the public to have their say?

Kind regards,

Dan Johnston

NOTE: Chris did reply to this letter with some standard government boilerplate about how Green they are (which isn't true, so I'm not going to reproduce it here).