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🥀 South Glos Council: Stop Demolishing Wildflower Meadows and Verges

Dear Councillors,

I have noticed over the last couple of weeks that various grass verges and fields around South Glos have been cut by the council, resulting in the loss of some excellent habitats for local wildlife.

One example would be along the cycle path from Stonehill to Hicks Gate. The verges either side of this cycle path were teeming with bug life attracted by the wildflowers growing there. They weren't doing any harm - the cycle path itself still had around 1.5-2m of usable width, but about half way through lockdown these verges were all chopped down to a bleak, lifeless mess. Not only that, they weren't litter-picked first so now there is shredded plastic and metal everywhere.

Now just this morning I've also seen council workers turn up to mow one of the fields adjacent to the cycle path which is full of wildflowers. Just a few days ago I saw a large number of meadow brown butterflies using the field as a source of food - now it will be gone. It's a field that isn't even used for anything by residents, so why would it need to be cleared?

On this, World Environment Day, please work with your fellow councillors towards a greener and more wildlife-friendly South Gloucestershire. At a time of crisis for much of Britain's wildlife we should be leading the way in protecting what we already have.

Kind regards,

Dan Johnston


A single Conservative councillor, June Bamford, replied telling me the cabinet member for communities has been made aware of my concerns. No other action has been taken. From the various letters I have written to my MP and councillors since the beginning of 2020, it's clear that the Conservatives are weak on environmental protection at both a local and national level.