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🧫 There's no such thing as a "Pingdemic", the government has lost control of the virus again
Boris Johnson wants to lay the blame for empty supermarket shelves and staff shortages on an app designed to keep us all safe. The truth is simple: the NHS COVID-19 app is "pinging" a lot of people because the government has allowed the virus to let rip through our population again.
🦠 Justice for the 126,000: Never Forget, Make No Excuses
We need a proper, independent public inquiry. An inquiry which leaves no stone unturned and isn't afraid to ruffle a few feathers. The victims of this pandemic and their families deserve the truth.
🌳 South Glos needs strong Green voices
As we chart a course through the stormy waters of the Coronavirus crisis we have an unprecedented opportunity to rebuild the economy to combat the other challenges we face: climate change and environmental destruction.
🗯 Submarine Skidmore: Speak out on the Dominic Cummings scandal!
The government's response to the mistakes made by Dominic Cummings over the last few days has been, frankly, abysmal.
🦠 Don't politicise the crisis. Why not?
If this crisis teaches us anything, it's that we need to look out for each other - not just in everyday life, but at the ballot box too.
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