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🗳 Keep local elections democratic: don't adopt FPTP
Today I'm asking Chris Skidmore MP to oppose the government's plans to scrap the Supplementary Vote and introduce FPTP for Mayoral & PCC elections.
🌍 South Glos Council: Please switch to a greener search engine!
I wrote to my local councillors today to ask them to change the council's default search engine to Ecosia, which plants trees to help fight climate change.
🧫 There's no such thing as a "Pingdemic", the government has lost control of the virus again
Boris Johnson wants to lay the blame for empty supermarket shelves and staff shortages on an app designed to keep us all safe. The truth is simple: the NHS COVID-19 app is "pinging" a lot of people because the government has allowed the virus to let rip through our population again.
🏘️ We welcome plans for new homes on Anstey's Road - but let's make them all affordable
South Glos Greens welcome the new proposals by Homes England to build around 200 new homes on the former Kleeneze site at Anstey's Road in Hanham. However, the proposals definitely need to go further if these houses are to benefit the whole community.
🗳 Help keep Hanham together with Bristol and South Glos
Newly proposed boundary reviews threaten to tear Hanham away from the rest of our local communities. I have written to Chris Skidmore, MP for Kingswood, asking for his help with this issue.
🗳 Voter ID Laws are an attack on our democracy
The introduction of mandatory Voter ID is a solution to a problem which doesn't exist. It will disenfranchise millions of voters across this country.
💉 Support a waiver on IP rights for Vaccines
I am deeply saddened by the news coming out of India about the latest wave of the COVID-19 crisis. One thing that could have prevented or reduced the damage caused by this current wave of the disease is access to the vaccine.
🦠 Justice for the 126,000: Never Forget, Make No Excuses
We need a proper, independent public inquiry. An inquiry which leaves no stone unturned and isn't afraid to ruffle a few feathers. The victims of this pandemic and their families deserve the truth.
🚓 Letters to my MP: The Police Bill is a threat to British Democracy
This is an incredibly dangerous piece of legislation which puts the UK on par with a number of failed states and dictatorships worldwide. If this bill passes unamended, it will be a dark day for democracy in Britain.
🎄 All I want for Christmas is a functioning democracy
Chris Skidmore: Make votes matter, support electoral reform for the United Kingdom.
🕵 DANGER: Why Does Skidmore Support 'License To Kill' Bill?
Allowing agents of the state to commit crimes up to and including murder, rape and torture is a slippery slope. Regardless of the supposed safeguards and oversights built into the bill, the reality is the current text would allow the government of the day to excuse the worst criminal offences of their agents carried out against political opponents.
🦡 Chris Skidmore, Why won't you back our badgers?
I wrote to you back on January 26th this year to ask you to support an end to badger culling in the UK. I did not receive a reply, presumably because the government was busy pretending it wouldn't continue culling in order to avoid criticism, but now it has become clear that the government will press forward with the killing of tens of thousands of badgers this Autumn.
🌳 South Glos needs strong Green voices
As we chart a course through the stormy waters of the Coronavirus crisis we have an unprecedented opportunity to rebuild the economy to combat the other challenges we face: climate change and environmental destruction.
🦎 Oi, BoJo, Hands off the newts!
Will Chris Skidmore stand up to Boris Johnson on environmental standards? I wrote to him to find out (but don't hold your breath).
💰 Give the public a say on the UK-US Trade Deal
Will the government release the full text of any trade deal negotiated with the USA before signing it into force, so that the public can make an informed decision about whether or not we want the deal?
🥀 South Glos Council: Stop Demolishing Wildflower Meadows and Verges
At a time of crisis for much of Britain's wildlife we should be leading the way in protecting what we already have.
🗯 Submarine Skidmore: Speak out on the Dominic Cummings scandal!
The government's response to the mistakes made by Dominic Cummings over the last few days has been, frankly, abysmal.
🦠 Don't politicise the crisis. Why not?
If this crisis teaches us anything, it's that we need to look out for each other - not just in everyday life, but at the ballot box too.
🛫 No New Runways
Any increase in air travel is a setback in the fight against climate change, and completely incompatible with the UK's net-zero targets.
🐦 Ban Driven Grouse Shooting
Grouse shooting serves no ecological or societal purpose, other than target practice for the trigger happy, and in fact does great damage to the British countryside.
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